Dear REIT Stock Investor,

Thank you for your readership.

To a large degree, we develop the studies, posts, and reports at GilverBook because I personally struggled to make investments in real estate. With so much information available online and opinions everywhere, I needed to sort out what did and didn’t matter to me so I could thrive as an individual investor.

This website was built out of personal necessity when I realized that the web lacked the research and tools to oversee my own interests as an investor. I developed these analyses, insights, and charts as an individual investor and in my years working as a real assets investment manager, and now we’re sharing with other investors who face the same struggle. We always keep in the back of our minds that no single person thrives alone, so this website also has the purpose of being an online platform for sharing ideas and different points of view. That’s a goal we’d like to achieve.

During this journey, I’ve come across plenty of information online that either lacked proper analytical backup or supported the interests of a specific company. Sometimes a company pays to highlight its stock, and sometimes a blogger who is very passionate about a company simply neglects to perform a thorough and detailed analysis. Although it’s good to know about the newest growth stock, companies thrive on sound fundamentals to create long-term, not short-term, excitement.

We’re proudly independent and, as you can see when you visit our website, we don’t have any ads. We want to keep it this way as our subscriber base grows and sponsors our research. We want to continue to share more unbiased data and power tools so that you can thrive as an investor.

It’s been amazing to see more followers and subscribers join us, and we hope we can grow even more to keep improving our reports and analyses.

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Heli Brecailo & the GilverBook team