Data Center REITs Gained Attention Again

chart01This week U.S. equity REIT stocks have been slightly up, with a 0.8% average increase. The S&P500 also saw a similar trend. This time we noticed that the market was holding stronger opinions towards sectors. Generally, the more popular sectors suffered losses while underappreciated sectors experienced gains.

Data center gained attention because all data center REITs lost ground, with a median share price decline of -3.2%. Most stocks dropped between 2% and 4%, but that was not the case for CoreSite Realty.

CoreSite share price plummeted by 8.1%, the worst among all U.S. equity REITs last week. The most dramatic drops occurred on Wednesday and Thursday, just two weeks before the company releases their Q2 results. Hopefully their results will be on par.

Despite the drop, CoreSite remains the most successful data center REIT in 2016. They have returned with 48% percent to date. The stock has remained one of the top five best performing stock among U.S. equity REITs. It is also important to mention that CoreSite is a midcap REIT with 17 data centers across the United States. They also have the second highest multiple when compared to peers.

Data center, the best performing REIT sector of 2016 so far, has definitely been the center of several online publications. Fundamentals have been spectacular leading the average multiple to surpass 20 times AFFO. For that particular reason, investors have been very cautious in adding new positions; some have done the opposite and realized profits. Manufactured homes and self-storage were among the other sectors who did poorly last week.

Lodging and timber saw quite a bit of gains. Several lodging stocks were among the weekly top twenty returns. Pebblebrook Hotel Trust and Chatham Lodging Trust returned around 6%-7%. Their portfolios are skewed toward the west coast, where the lodging industry should demonstrate much better results.

We are approaching the start of Q2 results season, so this could very well tell us how things will unfold.

Source: Chatham Lodging Trust(NYSE:CLDT), Pebblebrook Hotel Trust(NYSE:PEB), CoreSite Realty Corporation(NYSE:COR)

Disclaimer: This is not a recommendation to buy or sell stocks. The highest-yield stocks are not necessarily the best portfolio investment choice. The purpose of this report — which is essentially a snapshot of information available on July 15, 2016 — is to reduce your stock analysis by enabling you to compare stock and sector performance. Please do your own due diligence before making any investment decision.

As of May 31, 2016, the equity REITs are constituent companies of the FTSE NAREIT All REITs Index. Companies whose equity market capitalization is lower than $100 million have been disregarded.

This report is not engaged in rendering tax, accounting, or other professional advice through this publication. No statement in this issue is to be construed as a recommendation to buy or sell any security or other investment. Some information presented in this publication has been obtained from third-party sources considered to be reliable. Sources are not required to make representations as to the accuracy of the information, however, and consequently the publisher cannot guarantee accuracy.

Disclosure: The author is long FCH.

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