Why This Mall REIT Is Not on Our Radar

chart01WP Glimcher (WPG), a $2 billion market cap mall REIT, has been the center of attention due to its activities over the last few weeks. First, there was some speculation that the firm was interested in merging with the shopping center REIT Kite Realty Group Trust. WPG denied that it had any interest in doing business with any third party. Another strange event took place when Michael Glimcher surprisingly stepped down from being the CEO of the company. His position has been temporarily filled by a board member.

To be frank, we’ve watched WPG’s activities with a jaundiced eye. Let’s look at why we are skeptical of WPG.

WPG has average sales per square foot of $374. This unimpressive figure puts WPG in the low productivity small group. It is also important to note that this group is often seen as more vulnerable to online retail activity.

WPG hasn’t been successful with its effort in managing its tier 2 malls (about a quarter of their portfolio). In Q1, tier 2 malls’ NOI growth headed to negative rates. This prompted us to place it in the same group as the Regional Malls REITs CBL & Associates Properties (which apparently just turned over a mall to the lenders) and Pennsylvania Real Estate Investment Trust.

Our due diligence uncovered that the stock is undervalued, and has yet to show its potential. Formerly known as Washington Prime Group, the stock has not performed well since its spin-off of Simon Property Group back in 2014 and merger with Glimcher Realty Trust in 2015. Underperforming by almost 50%, we haven’t had full confidence in the stock. As a consequence, it is one of the mall REITs that has high dividend yields. This separates it from its peers. Even with a dividend payout of 70%, the dividend yield has been a little more than 9%.

At this point, it is very difficult to pinpoint where the stock is going. To our surprise, the company has not provided full details about the abrupt change of leadership. The company proposed to change its name back to Washington Prime Group after the sudden departure of Michael Glimcher. This only added more drama to the confusion.

In short, we may miss a golden buying opportunity for a REIT, but recent events and weaker fundamentals are forcing us to keep our distance.

Source: WP Glimcher Inc. (NYSE: WPG), CBL & Associates Properties Inc. (NYSE:CBL), Pennsylvania Real Estate Investment Trust (NYSE:PEI), Simon Property Group Inc. (NYSE:SPG).

Disclaimer: This newsletter is not engaged in rendering tax, accounting, or other professional advice through this publication. No statement in this issue is to be construed as a recommendation to buy or sell any security or other investment. Please do your own due diligence before making any investment decision. Some information presented in this publication has been obtained from third-party sources considered to be reliable. Sources are not required to make representations as to the accuracy of the information, however, and consequently the publisher cannot guarantee accuracy.

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