This Data Center REIT Went from Bottom to Top


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So far this year, DuPont Fabros Technology was the single best performing stock among data center REITs, as well as one of the best performing stocks among REITs as a whole with an astonishing 31% return. The stock was beaten out by no one but CorEnergy Infrastructure with an even more astonishing 40% return and Seritage Growth with 32%. However, it is important to remember that REIT investors should not put too much faith in a single factor because neither a REIT’s past performance nor a REIT’s future performance can be summed up with such ease. Last year, the stock performance was negative; by far, it was the worst performance among data center REITs.

First, the positives. In short, DuPont has a dividend yield of 4.5%, which should be an attractive prospect to investors who are more interested in a stable income than in something more speculative. Better still, it has some unique characteristics that enable it to stand out in an industry that already has strong fundamentals. It’s particularly encouraging its new leadership, who is both energetic and flexible enough to continue improving its performance.

However, it is important to mention the negatives as well. DuPont’s portfolio has high tenant concentration, so much so that its four biggest tenants are responsible for more than 60 percent of its annualized rental income. Although an argument can be made that DuPont has nothing to fear in pursuing the wholesale strategy that has led to the current situation because the majority of the revenues are investment-grade, it is nonetheless indisputable fact that the loss of even a single one of the main tenants would be devastating. Remember that the company had a bad experience with a top tenant last year.

Since the company is trading at a multiple of 16 times AFFO, at the lower end of the spectrum for data center REITs, it seems safe to conclude that DuPont has some room for continuing appreciation. However, based on the risks mentioned above, I wouldn’t say it will outpace its peers. For that reason, REIT investors interested in data centers should not put all of their faith in DuPont. For instance, as a good diversification strategy, Bill Stoller suggested in a recent article owning the entire data center sector on an equal weight basis.

In conclusion, investors that like DuPont should consider investing at least in another data center REIT with lower tenant concentration and something other than a wholly wholesale strategy in order to capitalize on the potential of data center REITs while also hedging their investments at the same time.

Source:DuPont Fabros Technology, Inc.(NYSE:DFT), Fast Graphs

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2 thoughts on “This Data Center REIT Went from Bottom to Top

  1. Bill Stoller (@REalBillStoller) April 11, 2016 / 11:01 am

    Thanks for the shout-out and link back to my ‘DIY Smart-Beta Data Center REIT’ article. Best, Bill Stoller @REalBillStoller


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